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High SensitivitySpecially designed synthesis of photosensitive composition makes it possible to initiate the chain reaction in exposure process, thus, shortens the exposure time significantly.Unique low temperature desiccation techniques not only protect photosensitive agents from deactivation, but also catalyse the sensitizer to achieve high sensitivity and high resolution with outstanding anti-alkali property. High ResolutionSpecial ingredients, together with the optimally distributed formula weight of binding polymers, the coating offer fine dots with sharp edges and reproduce images with rich tone. High Printing CapacityNumerous tests are being done in our Research Laboratory. Our engineers compare the compatibility between the Aluminium substrate and the relative chemicals, and select the optimal components for our photosensitive coating. Recently, our engineers successfully improved the currently selling products. Our plate¡¯s performance was generally advanced. The run length of our PS plate was significantly increased. Excellent HydrophilicityHydrophilic Treatment Post Anodizing Treatment (PAT) provides excellent water retaining capability at the non-image area and prevents scumming. Multi-GrainsEvenly distributed waves improve water retaining capability and keep ink-water balance optimally. The introduction of advanced technology.1) Gross - derivative gas technology2) high performance, Hypersensitive to the photosensitive layer technologyVP Advantages: of the "High Sensitivity" enhanced "small dot reproduction" principle adopted Hypochromic VP-yang PS version of the introduction of the characteristics Photosensitive faster, reducing copy of time and greater operability. Excellent outlets resolution, the high-level networks easier reproduction. Mao used gas-guided technology, vacuum shorten the time and reduce the drying true, the phenomenon of drying flowers. Notable high contrast, the sophisticated subtraction techniques, to facilitate drying sets, check. Use, and a note, a copy. Exposure light source : VP-yang PS version photosensitive spectrum in the range of blue and near-UV (320-450nm) Gallium to iodine lighting source for the best, but also adapted to the high-pressure mercury lamp, pulsed xenon lights copy. Exposure time: 5000W iodine gallium Electric, for example, Lights distance of 1.2 M exposure can be controlled in 20 seconds (about 15 pulses). 3000 W iodine to gallium Electric, for example, can be controlled in 30 seconds (about 20 pulses). Other source copy should be appropriately extended exposure time. Exposure time: 15 gray staircase feet (0.15 differential) at the plate surface, selecting appropriate exposure to light after exposure enhanced processing, in the third grade when not on the Mexican exposure to the best exposure. Actual use, in view of the exposure equipment used in film and the types of quality differences, the exposure time will be different. adoption of the pilot decided. The conditions of use and storage temperature conditions, the operation should be in the yellow light (should avoid direct sunlight), moisture-proof, shelf life of 18 months.
PS plate
Application: high resolution printing / CTcP compatible Sensitivity: very high Resolution: 6 - 8u Run length: medium-long Coating: blueRun length is always dependent on exposure, processing and press conditionsProperties:1) High sensitivity High photosensitive material reduces exposure time and increases the efficiency ofplate-making procedure. 2) High resolution Special ingredients, together with the optimally distributed formula weight of bindingpolymers, in the coating of this plate offer fine dots with sharp edgesand reproduce images with rich tone 3) Excellent hydrophilicity Multi-grains and Hydrophilic Treatment (PAT Treatment) provide excellent water retainingcapability at the non-image area, and thus keep ink-water balance optimally 4) Image visibility after exposure Color changes after exposure, making it easier to check the image 5) Matte surface Matte surface helps keep better contact between films and plates 6) Available sizes: a) Width: 120 - 1,200mm b) Length: 210 - 1,600mm c) Thickness: 0.14 - 0.30mm d) Other sizes available on requests
UVCTP plate
1) Application: commercial color printing 2) Type: infrared sensitive, positive acting 3) Substrate: EC grained, anodized and PAT treated aluminum 4) Exposure energy: 120-140mj/cm² 5) Spectral sensitivity: 830nm 6) Resolution: 1-99% 250lpi / 10u FM 7) Run length: long, 120,000+ without baking 8) Working environment: ordinary indoor white light 9) Coating: blue * Run length is always dependent on exposure, processing and press conditions.Properties:1. Easy-to-use able to work under white light; Wide latitude and excellent reliability 2. High resolutionSpecial ingredients, together with the optimally distributed formula weight of bindingpolymers, in the coating of this plate offer fine dots with sharp edges and reproduceimages with rich tone 3. ConsistencyComputerized equipments on our production lines monitor over 50 production parametersto ensure batch-to-batch consistency 4. Cost-effectiveFast exposure speed without pre-heating; long run-length 5. Excellent hydrophilicity: Multi-grains and hydrophilic treatment (PAT treatment) provides excellent water retainingcapability at the non-image area, and thus keep ink-water balance optimally 6. Available sizes:a) Width: 120 - 1,030mmb) Length: 210 - 1,600mmc) Thickness: 0.14 - 0.30mmd) Other sizes available on request
CTP Plate
Features1. Brighter surface color with better consistency. 2. The developed coating process promotes a better compressible layer, which has more optimun performance in high-speed printing. 3. The improved surface compound and design reduce dot gain, ensures true dot reproduction, as well as excellent releasing ability and rebound. 4. Confirmed bond of fabric layers provides great resistance against embossing and smash, making blanket life longer. 5. The entire new quality control and inspection system confirm stable quality.Technical specificationColor: Light BlueMODEL DATAT-A Sheetfed Printing colour: blue thinkness: 1.95mm/1.68mm dimension: 680-1700 Hardness: 75¡ã Smoothness: <0.03mm Compression: 200N/cm2(0.20mm) Elongation: <1.5%T-B Sheet of high-speed printing colour: blue thinkness: 1.95mm/1.68mm dimension: 680-1700 Hardness: 78¡ã Smoothness: <0.03mm Compression: 200N/cm2(0.20mm) Elongation: ¡Ü0.1% T-C Sheet of high-speed printing colour: Navy blue thinkness: 1.95mm dimension: 680-1700 Hardness: 75¡ã Smoothness: 1.2um Compression: 200N/cm2(0.20mm) Elongation: <0.7%T-D Metal Printing colour: blue thinkness: 1.95mm dimension: 680-1700 Hardness: 78¡ã Smoothness: 1.0um Compression: 200N/cm2(0.20mm) Elongation: <0.7%
Printing blanket
Field of Application: This product is suitable for printing on art paper, coated paper and carton paper etc. on the single and multi sheet fed offset machine. Features: Quick setting   High color strength Stability for long runs   Variety in colors High gloss   Good ink film performance Method of Usage: No need to adjust the ink as normal use. Due to the effect of temperature, humidity, paper, press speed, it can be adjusted accordingly: It may separately use 2527 Drier and 402 Cobal Drier, when drying is slow. (less than 2%) The ink fluidity can be changed well by adding some 05-01 or 6# Varnish. (less than 5%) The ink tack can be reduced by adding 05-92 Tack Reducer or (less than 5%) 52-94 can decrease the tack and density efficiently. (less than 5%) While making up light color, the ink can be reduced by 05-93 Reducer or 05-90 Gloss Paste. The Ink for soap and detergent packaging is as followed: 05-06 Medium Red   05-08 Deep Red 05-20 Lemon Yellow   05-24 Middle Yellow 05-25 Transparent Yellow   05-27 Deep Yellow 05-30 Peacock Blue   05-31 Blue 05-32 Cyan (Process)   05-37 Deep Blue 05-53 Black   05-60 Green
Quick-Set and High Gloss Offset Printing Ink
Plate materialsthermal CTP processorMaterial size Material width, max,880/1050/1350mmMaterial length, min 450mmMetarial thickness0.15-0.4mmProcessing speedl0-35s adjustableDeveloper temperature18-40¡æ Tank contents, developer42L/50L/60LReplenishmentFull automatic replenishment system. Anti oxidation replenishmentAdjustable temperature, dryer30-60¡æ,adjustablePower supply220V(208V-240V) 1-phase 50/60HzPower consumption4.5kw/5kw/5.5kwWeight, tempt355kg/420kg/512kgPacking size2010¡Á1500¡Á1410£¨length¡Áwidth¡Áheight£© unit£ºmm
CTP Processor
MODELSENT-99P SENT-1050PSENT-1350PMaterialConentional Positive and Negative PS PlateMaterial Thickless0.15-0.4mmMaterial SizeMax Width: 880mm 1050mm 1350mmMin Length: 370mm Processing speed 400 -1000mm/min adjustableDeveloper Temperature20 40¡æadjustable(Coolerisoptional)Developer capacity30L35L40LDiameter of Roller         55mm                     55mm                        55mm Diameter of Brush40mmReplenishment full automatic replenishmentDryer Temperature30- 80¡æadjustable Power Supply208V 240V monophase 50/60Hz 32A Power Consumption4KW4KW5KWNet Weight, Appro300kg360kg460kgGrossweight,Approx390kg460kg580kgPacking size (mm)1550*1350*6501550*1550*6501550*1750*650
PS Processor
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